Rebellious Female Custom Helmet by Nick Anzalone


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      Everyone's favorite Rebellious graffiti artist, weapons expert, Imperial Academy dropout and a former bounty hunter is captured in exceptional detail by renowned artist Nick Anzalone in this stunning example of this Rebellious female's Helmet.  

      This is a full size 1:1 wearable helmet suitable for cosplay or display made from a custom built blank with plexiglass smoked lens and an aluminum rangefinder arm for maximum strength and durability.  You pick the color scheme and the weathering amount.  

      Nick spends countless hours on this helmet starting with layers and layers of paint to replicate what is seen on screen as accurately as possible.  Nick has literally taken our vision of how we see this character on TV and ripped that off screen and thrust that into the real world to recreate this iconic helmet.  There are multiple layers of paint representing her number repaints depicted in the show and the severe weathering is hand done to represent the multiple battles our heroine has experience during the early rebellion against the Empire.  

      We believe we've built the most accurate version of this helmet found anywhere in the galaxy.  The craftsmanship brought to this project will make a perfect addition to your collection in what will be an extremely limited run, exclusively on The Force Forum.

      Cost includes the helmet and customization, shipping will be calculated at checkout.  As this is completely custom piece please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery from the time of purchase.  Each helmet will be numbered and hand signed.  

      Ships from the US

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