E-11 D Blaster Replica


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      The E-11D is very similar to the standard trooper E-11 but the Dead Tropoers modified the stock and added a large-bore reinforced barrel in order to maximize its rate of fire and intensity.  

      This blaster is made by Branfuhr Studios and molded from an impact resistant polyurethane casting resin. The main blaster is hollow, with a 1.125" inner diameter. 

      Kit Details:
      Parts will require minor filling and sanding prior to being painted and assembled.
      All hardware is included.
      A resin dummy flashlight, and resin sling mounts are included
      If you plan to add a sling, we highly recommend getting real sling mounts, as the resin ones will not hold up.
      You can purchase the kit with the light kit (2 LED circuits, 1 mini flashlight and batteries)

      Completed Details:
      Full 1:1 size, completely assembled, painted and weathered as shown
      Include metal sling mounts, a real M300A flashlight and installed light kit that illuminates when you pull the trigger.  

      Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship the kits
      Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship completed blasters
      Ships from the US

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