E-11 Blaster Replica - The Force Forum
E-11 Blaster Replica - The Force Forum
E-11 Blaster Replica - The Force Forum

E-11 Blaster Replica

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This E-11 blaster is the hallmark weapon of our favorite White Troops from the original 1977 film.  In partnership with master prop maker, The Mad Scientist, we've built one of the most screen accurate 1:1 full scale E-11 blasters around anywhere.  

A few years back a small collection of original, screen used E-11 blasters were discovered in a storage unit at the original armorer, Bapty & Co.  Since the budget for the original movie was so small, these blasters were actually rented and returned to the armory once filming was completed.  We've build our blaster seen here to the same specs as this screen used piece which was recently auctioned off for over $35,000 usd.  

Based off an original Sterling submachine gun, our E-11 was meticulously crafted by hand based on reference photos from the auction house responsible for the sale of screen used version.  Everything from the M38 scope to T-Tracks to Hengstler counter box has been reworked to be as accurate as possible.  

This is a not a 3d printed model.  This is a high quality resin product that was molded to the highest standards.  It is hollow to allow for the addition of electronics.  

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