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DL-44 Blaster from ESB

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In Episode 2 the DL-44 took on many different shapes with minor details being tweaked throughout the film.  This is the "hero" version of this legendary blaster.  This is a full size 1:1 scale original trilogy version from the 1980 Sci-Fi Classic with all the intricacies displayed in painstaking details.  This blasters would make any "Scoundrel" proud. 

This DL-44 Blaster is 100% hand made from heavy duty polyurethane resin.  They are all hand painted with high quality paints, weathering powder and pigments.  This blaster is as screen accurate as it gets but since it's completely hand built each one is just slightly different from the other.  

Please allow 3-4 weeks build time as this is a hand built custom product.  Worldwide shipping is included. 

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