Korbanth Crossguard 2.0 saber hilt


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      Evil Ben from TFA brought forth a new type of saber, the crossguard.  We're happy to announce our new Crossguard 2.0 saber hilt.  This saber is capable of being converted into a fully operational saber with lights, sounds and more.  There is tons of detail in this saber hilt down to the familiar looking gash up the side and makeshift wire tying everything together.  

      Comes with internal light up crystal chassis – this can be removed or left into saber.  A touch of your finger causes the crystal chamber to light up with blinking lights and glowing crystal.  Each time you tap the crystal it will change color from red, to blue to green to off. Perfect for the saber enthusiast who plans to display on a stand and would like a show piece to show how the “REVEAL” part lights up. SABER also comes with 2 side blades, but main 1 inch blade is sold separately.

      Crossguard 2.0
      - Body Length – 11.5” (Rounded up to nearest .25”)
      - Blade Chamber I.D. – 1.0.”
      - Guard Chamber I.D. – .75.”
      - Electronics Chamber I.D. – 1.0.”
      - Momentary Switches – (Qty 1 / Located on activation panel).
      - Reveal Feature – Yes / Magnetic Mid Grip.

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      Ships from the US

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