Richard Campbell Kylo Ren Helmet Review

Posted on October 11 2017

Richard Campbell Kylo Ren Helmet Review

This amazing, near screen accurate Kylo Ren helmet is the brainchild of UK master prop maker Richard Campbell, CLICK HERE to read his story.  This custom built work of art started it's life as a Black Series Kylo Ren helmet from Hasbro and a voice changing Kylo Ren helmet from Disney.  Richard has managed to frankenstein these 2 mass produced products together to build one of the amazing prop replicas at any price point.  

Here are just some of the modifications that take up the over 40 hours of craftsmanship that go into this remarkable piece of art.  

Join Black Series halves and battery hatch by heat welding inside and out
Cut out mouth plates
Gutted interior electronics
Cut out jaw section and flare
Cut jaw section and flare from Disney mask, and joined to Black Series helmet
Fill switch holes with spare plastic
Used heat gun to reshape chrome piece

Use heat gun to reshape BS flare
Ground away 3d stuff from Chrome piece rear
Drill out missing holes on Chrome
Filled speaker holes
Cut out solid flare pieces, sand and resculpt
Cut away centre of lens and add nylon material
Material added to cheeks
Filled all holes and seams
Added screen seen scars and gouges
Reinstall lenses
Complete repaint including 10 stages of screen accurate textures
Weathered to screen accuracy
Properly weathered chrome parts

If you'd like to pick up a Richard Campbell Kylo Ren helmet of your own CLICK HERE to be taken to our products page with all the instructions.  

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