Nick Anzalone Boba Fett Helmet Review

Posted on October 12 2017

Nick Anzalone Boba Fett Helmet Review

When you think of Boba Fett, you think of the most feared bounty hunter in the entire Star Wars Universe.  He had his dented helmet that was so beat up it looked like it had been through years damage during The Clone Wars.  Unfortunately, there was never a prop replica helmet of this iconic character that wouldn't cost you an arm and a err...hand.  That is until Nick Anzalone came along.  

This unreal screen accurate helmet example begins life as an old Rubies Boba Fett helmet that was a target exclusive back in the day.  The original prop was decent but nowhere near what Nick saw on screen.  If you send Nick one of these mass produced examples, he'll spend nearly 100 hours building the most reasonably priced, as close to screen accurate Boba Fett helmet you can find ANYWHERE in the Galaxy.  CLICK HERE to read more about Nick and his process.  

Don't fall into the Sarlacc Pit to be digested for all eternity, check out the review above and place an order for your own Boba Fett Helmet from Nick Anzalone by CLICKING HERE.  

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