Prop Maker Richard Campbell

I'm Richard Campbell from Cambuslang Scotland.  I saw Star Wars in December of 1977 and have been hooked on everything Sci-Fi ever since. I've been making models most of my life, but in recent years I took to making, modding and just plain playing with props, helmets and cool stuff in addition to model making.

I've gone from building X-Wings right out of the box to scratch building starships complete with display stands, lights and interiors.  From models, I went on to collecting props and helmets and such, sometimes daring to tinker with what was already a very good item. Such as the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber shown below.

I had such fun personalising that saber, that I eventually moved on to modding my own Kylo Ren Black Series helmet. When I posted pics of my efforts on the Kylo, I got one or two enquiries about whether I could mod I said yes, sure....and went...GULP! Suddenly I had to produce a couple more for people i'd never met who were counting on me.

It turned out this was kind of successful, and folks were happy and spread the word. I've done a LOT of Kylo Ren Black Series/Disney mods now for people all over the still amazes me! I've also finished resin and fiberglass helmets too.

On top of those i've also done other helmets and props which have gone down quite well! From Princess Leia's blaster, to Jango Fett's jetpack. I always try and inject a little realism into these props....sometimes avoiding dark, heavy weathering, drybrushing and obvious airbrushing.

I'm always available for commissions and love the challenge of new and different props!  PM me on Facebook for more info.  Here is some of my work.  

My very first crack at the 1:350  NCC 17011:350 USS Enterprise Model, my very first crack at this model!

Scratchbuilt 1:350 USS Reliant

Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber hilt full modded and painted.

Clone Trooper I did many years ago!

A Greedo blaster I made someone.

Jango Fett jetpack built and painted by me.

Kanaan Jarrus Lightsaber I modded and painted

A set of Vader armour I totally repainted.

First ever attempt at painting a Boba Fett helmet

Heavily modded and repainted melted Vader

BBProps Kylo I did recently.

Painting chrome is fun!

Rogue One Sandtrooper style!

A Princess Leia Blaster from a Rubie's toy.

A Jango helmet from a cheap resin cast.

Luke ESB X-Wing helmet from Nick Black, modded by me.

Anovos TFA Stormtrooper repainted into FN-2187

Tie Pilot helmet accents added...

ARC Trooper Fives from a standard clone helmet.

And from the back.

A JJ Industries V2 helmet.

And a painting of Vader I did a long time ago. :)