Prop Maker Nick Anzalone

​My name is Nick Anzalone and I'm from San Diego, CA. I have been modifying and painting toys, props and model kits ever since I was a kid. It would drive my parent’s crazy. After they spent their hard earned money and bought me a new toy I would rip it apart and alter is somehow.

As the years went on I became more and more involved building props for Halloween and my personal displays. I have always been obsessed with Star Wars and horror movies. As far my adult collecting years, the thing that kicked off doing prop commissions was a Rubies Darth Vader helmet that I spent hours modifying. I posted pictures of my progress online as I went and asked a lot of question from many talented artists. When the finished helmet was done the response I received from my peers was overwhelming. I had people I didn’t even know asking me to do their helmets. I was shocked.

The one helmet I had always wanted was an Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Helmet. The problem was they were always so expensive I could never justify having one. After Rubies produced the Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet to Target stores I thought, “maybe I should try to do a repaint on this?” Once again I started posting the thought of trying one. The responses I got were not what I wanted to hear - “don’t try it, Fett is a challenge, your better off buying one.” Well I decided to try anyway and everyone was exactly right, he was a challenge for sure but I did it.

When I posted the finished helmet, I received at least 25 messages from people around the world asking me if I’d do their Fett helmets. Scared to death to do commissions, I dove in and haven’t looked back since. My goal was and is to provide fans with affordable, quality work that they don’t have to second mortgage their house for or wait 3 years from a large company. Today I enjoy modifying and painting all kinds of props for people and myself. I hope to talk you soon about your prop needs.

Here is that first Rubies Darth Vader project



 Check out the before and after shot of Nick's amazing Boba Fett helmet


Killer work on this Snowtrooper, look at that detail


Next level Mandalorian work here on this custom Sabine helmet from Star Wars Rebels.  The weathering is world class on this piece.  


Imperial guards, custom mod and repaint

If you want to get ahold of Nick he can be reached via Facebook on his NIX FX Page

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